5 Things Every Seller In Todays Market Needs To Know

Dated: 03/10/2015

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As an agent who represents both buyers and sellers, the obstacles in selling your home might not be picky buyers or “low ballers”.  The market in Charleston has been fluid and is steadily changing as the warmer months approach us.  So what might be the obstacles sellers will need to overcome?  Agents find that seller’s emotions and their opinion of their home’s value can be HUGE hurdles that often cause homes to become stagnant in active markets.  Learn 5 things that can trip up any listing agent in getting your home sold, no matter how much marketing they do.

1. Removing Emotions from the Table

Buyers that walk through your home are critics.  The feedback you receive should be used to give direction on where your listing should be going.  If there is a reoccurring item listed in your feedback, such as poor condition or a lingering odor, take it as an opportunity to correct the problem.  Often times sellers are too sentimental towards their home and can be easily offended, which will cause an unintentional sabotage to the sale.  By putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes and actively listening to what others see as “problem areas” in your home will greatly increase your selling rate and reduce your days on market.

2.  Don’t Finance Your Future

Often times, sellers are upgrading or downsizing their homes to fit their needs.  On the other hand, buyers are doing the same.  As needs change on both sides of the transactions, you don’t want to drive your potential buyer pool away by unreasonable listing prices.  The strategy with aggressively pricing isn’t to sell your home for bottom dollar, but rather to generate multiple offers and get an offer for more than asking price.  A smart seller will know the needs of their home selling will be driven by what the market determines your home should be sold for and not the sellers “need to clear” for future investments.

3. Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Taking responsibility for the reason your home isn’t selling falls on the seller.  While you may feel that I am already finger pointing, you have to consider that every major decision with the sale of your home falls on the owner.  Price reductions, overall condition, and showing availability are things that often hinder sales if the owners are fully prepared to do what is necessary to get their home sold.

4. Over Confidence Kills

While I love a motivated and enthusiastic seller, being over confident about your home can kill a buyer’s interest in a heart beat.  The main reason is due to over pricing, ignoring repairs, and not taking advice on preparing your home for the showings.  While you may think your home is the best house on the market, so does everyone else.  Buyers tend to purchase homes with level headed sellers that are trying to sell their home for a fair price.  Everyone wants a “deal”, but in today’s market that means a treating others like you would want to be treated with a fair price and acceptable terms.

5. Be Honest with Yourself

If you aren’t ready to move on then don’t!  You have to be honest with yourself in order to start the next chapter in life.  The agent you select will provide you the best strategy to get your home sold and it is YOUR job to stick to it.  Your listing agent should be providing you with the best scenarios and the worst.  With having honest discussions about what you are looking to do with your property will greatly impact the successfulness of the listing and will increase your chances in selling your home within the first 2-4 weeks.

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