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Dated: 03/22/2015

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As the Charleston, SC real estate market gets closer to the warmer months, many homeowners will be emerging from their winter dens to prep their lawns for Spring curb appeal.  Buyers who are gearing up for their real estate search are carefully examining the current inventory for the best bang for their buck!  While the market is recovering with an upward trend in pricing, buyers are still seeking a deal.  Here are a few tips on how to increase your return on investment (ROI) with curb appeal.

  1. Keep Everything Clean

Keeping your yard and home extremely clean greatly increases the buyer’s perception of the interior of your home.  Like the old saying, “You can tell a lot about a person who keeps their car clean”, goes for the same line of thinking when it comes to your home.  A meticulously maintained yard shows the buyer that the inside should be equally as cared for.  

  1. Fight the Pollen

Although we are right in the middle of the fight with pollen, keep the build up at bay.  I suggest pressure washing your home and frequently washing down the siding with a hose weekly.  The same goes for your side walk and windows!

  1.  Colors that Pop

When planning out your flower beds, carefully examine the soil and what type of plans survive best.  Each yard is different and some soil is more susceptible to retain water versus others.  With whatever type of plant you choose, make sure the colors accent your home and make the yard POP.  Planting low maintenance shrubs around the home and accenting flowerbeds around mailboxes and trees, with new mulch, will help cut down the time spent on finessing your overall lawn appearance.

  1. Touch It Up

It is likely you’ll chip or strip paint off your home while pressure washing.  Take a minute and touch up all your chipped or stripped paint.  Fresh white paint on porch siding will add to the overall POP.

  1. Use Potted Plants to Fill In

Lastly, use some potted plants to fill in voids on your porch, around garage doors, or exterior doors.  These inexpensive potting plants can be easily removed and changed if they do no survive well.  

These tips don’t have to consume your weekends with trips to Lowes or Home Depot; however, they will increase your home’s activity.  Remember, you want your home’s first impression to stick in the mind of buyers until your home is purchased.  To get more tips or if you are looking to put your home on the market, call me today! Jonathan Hoff RE/MAX Alliance 843-296-8164 / www.jonathan.charlestonrealestatenow.com

Don't forget, the Summerville Flowertown Festival is quickly approaching.  It begins Friday March 27, 2014 until Sunday March 29, 2015! If you're from out of town and don't know what it is, feel free to visit http://www.flowertownfestival.org  

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